Date: 2022-02-18 Browse: 697 Form: Why choose to cooperate with WOWYES?

Why choose to cooperate with WOWYES?

▶ More than 25 years of experience

The company has a garden style independent factory with complete facilities, clean environment and reasonable planning. The factory covers an area of 6520 square meters. Each department has completed the whole process from development, engineering, mold, injection molding, rubber coating, surface treatment, assembly, quality inspection to finished products in a one-stop manner. It has five professional semi-automatic tool production lines, stable about 300 employees for a long time, and monthly production capacity of more than 150000 pieces.

。 We have a complete R&D and design team, European and American designers' grasp of modeling, Chinese designers' exploration of consumer psychology, 10 years of foreign trade experience, strict European and American standards, and dozens of test standards to ensure that our products are sold without worries!

。 Supply from the source, with the most cost-effective price and guaranteed quality; There is no intermediate link to ensure profits, small batch express delivery, large batch logistics delivery, and strong productivity to ensure large batch shipment.

▶ The warranty period of all parts is more than 1 year

The independent brand control department controls the terminal price in each major mall every day to ensure that all product prices are uniform, and all brand products have obtained patent certificates to prevent all fake and inferior products.

▶ Provide the best customer service in the world

The powerful after-sales service team will provide you with the most considerate one-to-one documentary service to guarantee 100% of the factory quality of products. All products sold will be replaced free of charge if there are any quality problems caused by non human activities within 12 months after purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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